Cherry Darlings Christmas Box – And Thoughts on Meat Pies

Cherry Darlings LogoSo, maybe I’m a tad too late to be making a Christmas post. I’ve been busy getting cheery (cheery comes in an assortment of glass sizes and flavours!). But I’m gonna tell y’all about what I got for Christmas, why it was amazing, and why you should go get some yourself.

I’m an Aussie girl. As such, like many other Aussie girls (and boys and others), I have fond memories of meat pies and vanilla slices. Spinach and cheese pasties with a big chocolate donut to round off the meal. As a South Australian, the Balfours vs. Villis conundrum has, in the past, taken up thinking space in my head; with the conclusion generally being that it doesn’t matter so long as you wash it down with a Farmer’s Union iced coffee.

Meat pies have, in fact, found themselves as headlines today, with the controversial decision by the organisers of the Asian Cup to name the meat pie Australia’s national dish. Herein, we have once again proven what I find to be a point of pride; that ‘Australian Culture’ is defined by its fluidity of direction and interpretation (but I digress).

Once again, enter veganism. And exit snacks from the servo pie warmer. While a decent lentil pie is not that hard to come by, finding it in combination with a good assortment of cakes and beverages is damn near impossible.

Then we got Cherry Darlings Bakehouse.

If someone told me that nowhere else like this place existed in Australia, I’d probably believe them. Because it’s just that freaking magical.

For those of you who haven’t caught up yet, Cherry Darlings is an entirely vegan bakery. Here are some details:

Location: 5a Aroha tce Forestville
(opposite tram stop 4)

Times:  Tuesday – Saturday 9.30-4.30


So far as pies go, I recommend the cheeseburger pie. Burger (faux) mince topped with tomato sauce and melty (faux) cheese, complete with a couple of pickles, all wrapped in flaky pie pastry. I mean, let’s face it, it would be an amazing idea even if it wasn’t vegan. But it is, which is why we all get to eat them. Yay!

On to my Christmas present. I got a dessert box. All the Christmas desserts I could possibly want packed together for $55. We got one each. Literally cakes for days. Have a peek.

Cherry Darlings Dessert Box

'Rum Balls' or 'Truffles'

There was: trifle (not pictured), pannacotta, custard tart, crème brulée, chocolate cheescake slice, gingerbread biscuits, pecan pie slice, 6 different flavoured rum balls (see separate closeup), fruit mince pies and white Christmas (rocky road).

It was all just straight up and down amazing. The pastry was sweet. The flavours were true to tradition. I feel like I should be giving a more detailed description, but like, we all remember what things tasted like in our childhoods. Just picture that and you should be pretty well on track.

Not to leave the ever vivacious Sabbath out of the fun, here are some pictures of her merrily destroying the box I got to help me cart around my cargo of sweet Christmassy goodness.

Kids Love Boxes 1 Kids Love Boxes 2Kids Love Boxes 3

If the same thing is on offer next year I can guarantee there will be two items in my letter to Santa, and ‘massive box of vegan desserts baked by angels’ will make a repeat appearance (after ‘crown me supreme dictator of the Earth so I can make peace happen, because we all know I would make it happen and everyone would love me lots, the end’).

Cherry Darlings reopens tomorrow (Saturday) after their Christmas break. So don’t make any plans! I hope your car has air conditioning (screw this heat).

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a delightful New Year!


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