Mum Makes Steamy Beany Seitan Sausages

Hello Comrades!

I’m returning this blog to what I initially meant it for, at least for one vlog. Here’s my Mum making seitan sausages!

The video is kinda long, so here’s some key points so you can jump ahead if you want:

0.00 “Introducing the Ingredients”
3.30 “Putting It Together”
15.10 “Measuring Out The Dough”
17.15 “Rolling the Sausages and Putting on to Cook”
20.45 “They’re Done!”
20.05 “Sizzle Sizzle”
22.10 “In Case You Don’t Know How To Eat Sausage”

And here’s the recipe: (sorry Isa, I promise I won’t post your whole book 😛 )


Ok, well that’s that. I hope you enjoy! Here’s some pics of how I enjoyed. Bon appetit!

My Birthday Barbecue Feast
A not-so-traditional sausage sanga.
A healthy meal of cabbage, chickpeas, roasted pumpkin and chopped sausage.



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