Chicky Seitan Burgers


It happens to all of us, no use denying it. You crave foods from your pre-vegan days. Well, the good news is, if it’s a chicken burger you’re craving, you can have your burger and eat it too with this ‘Steamed Chicky Seitan’ burger from Isa Does It.

Here’s a running guide if you would like to skip ahead at any point:
0:00 “Intro”
0:05 “The Recipe”
0:18 “Meet’n’Greet-ients” (Meet The Ingredients? No? I Tried!)
2:30 “The Preparation”
6:43 “Wrapping Your Burgers”
11:50 “The First Finish” (You Can Have More Than One. Who Knew!?)
13:40 “Make It Smaller!” (That’s What She Said)
14:40 “One Final Tip” (That’s How She Lies To Herself)
15:25 “Serving Suggestions” (We Promise Ours Are Better Than The Cereal Box)

In the thumbnail you may notice the burger has been battered in soy milk and flour and then fried. We have also tried this recipe on the barbecue to create a ‘chicken steak’ and pan fried with gravy for a ‘roast chicken’ dish.

Being vegan is no reason to miss out on BBQ season.

The secret is definitely the use of dried sage in the seitan, which creates the most wonderful aromatic flavour.

We also experimented with making the burger slightly smaller (dividing the mix into fifths rather than quarters) and found this made a more manageable burger which maintained a more even thickness.

Once you find yourself a well priced source of the gluten flour, you are good to go making a tasty mock meat at a fraction of the price for the pre-made frozen burgers at the supermarket. To be perfectly honest, I like these better.

Actually chose ‘chicky seitan’ and chips rather than the Gardein fillets on chip night this week. 

Happy Cooking! Bon Appetit!



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