Save the gorillas! Recycle your phone!

We’ve all done it. You cycle through phone after phone on one of those 24 month plans, and then when the time is up you start up your new phone, put the old phone in a drawer and think “I’ll definitely transfer all the data from that, do a factory reset, and dispose of it correctly.”

But then it sits there.

And sits there.

And you forget about it. Probably forever.

(Or, at least, I hope we’ve all done this, because otherwise my hoarding is worse than I thought!)

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Comic: Revolution Without Environmental Casualties


Today’s comic was inspired by a conversation with a friend. I think many of us have revolution in our hearts, but she made a good point by saying we shouldn’t burn everything in a riot, because we’d have to plant a lot of trees to counteract the greenhouse gas production. Let’s make it a green revolution. A revolution for everyone.

Xxo daynightandsarah