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If you’re a bit of a food obsessed individual, like myself, you maybe find yourself sitting in front of your computer at odd hours reading Wikipedia articles on obscure food related topics, and developing a working knowledge of things that might seem interesting only to yourself (a basic history of the ‘base sauces’ recognized by French cuisine, maybe?). Sometimes it may seem there are certain food traditions that are simply out of reach to vegans while still remaining within the realm of practicality. It’s always a pleasant surprise when you are proven to be wrong, and I was recently with a visit to Ginza Miyako on North Terrace.

Ginza Miyako is a Japanese/French fusion restaurant located in the Stamford Plaza Hotel on North Terrace. Head Chef Kazuki Ushiro San boasts “experience in restaurants from Tokyo to Paris”. He has also chosen to develop a vegan menu, which was the reason Cecilia and I chose to visit.

We sat in the Western style seating area, however there was a Japanese style seating area also, decorated with painted paper screens. The service was faultless, but almost a little overbearing to someone not used to that kind of dining experience. I remember my mother once said to me “Make sure you put your napkin on your lap before the food comes, or someone else will do it for you!” and this proved to be the case (which is correct service, I know). Water glasses were never empty. You felt quite well looked after.

The food itself was, first of all, really very pretty. We started with a plate of vegan sushi to share, and unfortunately I was so excited I started eating and forgot to take a photo until some was missing…

Check out the Ginza Miyako Facebook page or website to see some examples of this plate without bits missing... (links below review)
Check out the Ginza Miyako Facebook page or website to see some examples of this plate without bits missing… (links below review)

It was just as tasty as it looked! It was also a massive relief to be able to enjoy sushi without having to worry if there were any non-vegan ingredients for once. My favourite was the inari (the little brown fellow, rice wrapped in a fried tofu bag), although that’s been my favourite friend on a sushi platter for many years. I also appreciated the use of purple carrot, as I always do when I find food that has been made with the skill that allows the natural beauty of the produce to show through.

Cecilia and I both chose the same main; The tofu steak. This dish shone for its balance. Somehow it was both simple and complex. Normally I wouldn’t eat a large piece of silken tofu like this, but the mild mushroom sauce (which had a slight jelly-like consistency) was enough flavour to carry it. I truly appreciated the ability to enjoy tofu for once without having to fry it to death. I was also really excited for the enoki mushrooms, which I’m not sure I’d had before. That was a special moment.

The tofu steak, with eggplant and enoki mushrooms.
The tofu steak, with eggplant and enoki mushrooms.

Finally, not satisfied that we’d tried quite enough wonderful new foods (we were still a little over excited I think), Cecilia and I decided to share another entrée, the terrine. This dish was probably the most beautiful. Fresh vegetables suspended in a clear jelly and decorated with flowers and little dots of flavourful purées. It was also a tasty and refreshing way to finish the meal.

The terrine, topped with apple sauce and flowers.
The terrine, topped with apple sauce and flowers.

Overall, I feel Ginza Miyako was very well priced when the quality of the service, the presentation and the food itself is considered. I would also like to extend my thanks to Head Chef Kazuki Ushiro San for taking the time to develop a vegan suitable menu. French and Japanese cuisines sometimes seem quite out of reach for those of us following a vegan diet, so I was glad of the experience. I will be back!


Website: http://ginzamiyako.com.au/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ginzamiyako

Address and Phone Details: 150 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8221 6147


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